Association for Education and Development of Disabled People (Greece)

The Association wants to give the possibility to our members to be involved in many sectors.
We organize courses in collaboration with other institutions, such as courses of computers, accountancy, language etc.  From the other side, the objective of our association through our activities is to provide the possibility to our educational personnel (sociologists, professors etc.) to acquire experience and knowledge for the right pedagogic practice concerning the people with special needs and vocational training.
All learners are people with special needs. In addition, we aim through our activities to provide disabled with skills so as to ensure employment.

The collaboration with different organizations will enrich their knowledge and experience since they will have the chance to meet new people with different ideas and cultures. 

The Association was founded by members that were mainly disable and families so as to offer employment, education and professional rehabilitation to disabled people. The creation of the association was a mean so as to improve the everyday life of disabled and furthermore to give a collective character to members demands. 

The association supports disable by offering:
– Advisory and Psychological Support to trainees and their families
– Socialization and Education Circulation Programmes
– Pedagogical programmes
– Computer and accounting courses
– Domestic Economy programmes
– Gymnastics and Athletics programmes
– Entertainment and Creative Occupation

Our Association are faced with the challenge of providing learning opportunities for all learners at “Risk”, refugees and immigrants.  We are called on to be more involved than ever before, particularly for our older learners and those with learning challenges and disabilities. 

The association came to fill a gap in the city of Kavala. We have voice and presence, hope and perspective. For this reason the acceptance of this effort by the local community is positive and encouraging!

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