IMAGINA is a non-profit association with the aim of promoting youth participation in the interior area of Málaga, with the idea of enhancing civil participation in the social life, promoting learning opportunities for young people.
It was born the 9
th of March 2017 but our experience started in 2015 as an informal group, with the need of developing projects about key topics such as sustainable development, the value of local resources of rural areas, social integration, gender equality and learning through NFE to develop key competences. 

We believe in the power of young people to be innovative and active for local development. Thanks to Erasmus+ we have a path to transform our dreams into projects, allowing us to grow in a multicultural learning process. 
As rural youth, we try to promote the value of our territory, of its natural resources and development possibilities, from a point of view of sustainability, social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities and disabilities and involvement of local people in the process of change.

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