Our Association wants to give the possibility to our members to be involved in different sectors. We organize courses in collaboration with other institutions, such as courses of computers, accountancy, language etc.  

From the other side, the objective of our association through this educational partnership is to provide the possibility to our educational personnel (sociologists, professors etc.) to acquire experience and knowledge for the right pedagogic practice concerning the people with special needs. All learners are people with special needs. In addition we aim through this project to provide disabled with skills so as to ensure their daily life’s. Unfortunately the level of life of disabled in Kavala is very low not only because of the lack of skills from the part of the disabled but also because people are not used to give the chance to disabled to participate in any kind of activities. They believe that they will not manage to fulfill their expectations. Thus, we believe that the collaboration with different countries will enrich their knowledge and experience since they will have the chance to meet new people with different ideas and cultures.  For all these reasons we strongly believe that this project will provide the disabled the chance to prove their unique willingness to work and learn as all other people do.

The association came to fill a gap in the city of Kavala. We have voice and presence, hope and perspective. For this reason the acceptance of this effort by the local community is positive and encouraging!

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